Don’t fall short of documented systems and adherence thereto.

While every state has their local statute, one needs to comply with both state and federal legislation  or face the consequences

Risk mitigation in today’s world is of paramount importance. Ask the food chain Red Robin. They just settled a class action lawsuit by their employees for $8.5 Million.

Why ?   The claim was that the restaurant failed to properly provide meal and rest breaks, among other violations (Manuel Vigueras, et al. v. Red Robin International Inc. 8:17-cv-01422 (C.D. Cal. June 19, 2020)). The plaintiffs argued the policy violated California labor law because it allowed Red Robin to forgo providing meal and rest breaks “absent request. The defense was that the restaurant maintained a “Just Say Yes” policy regarding breaks, a policy that “demonstrates Red Robin’s proactive commitment to providing team members with breaks anytime they want one and instructing managers to ‘just say yes, no matter the circumstances,”

The bigger picture of being an entrepreneur is making a difference in someone life. Let’s not squander the hard earned profit on penalties and fines. Let’s stay in compliance.

In one of my fourteen (14) native languages – there is a saying “ Goed koop is duur  koop” – loosely translated “being cheap is going to cost you in the long run”  

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