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Get benefit from the guidance of professionals with decades of hands-on experience: all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, dedicated CFO.

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Our company does not require a long-term commitment or contract. In fact, we don’t ask for any kind of commitment at all-just a simple gentlemen’s agreement.

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Our primary objective is your success; your success is our success. We recognize that every business has unique needs and we mold approach to align with seamless integration.

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Stan has been instrumental in helping 5th Method achieve financially stable and steady profitable growth over the last 8 years. An indispensable member of our team who we trust to both running our day-to-day financial operations, as well as advise us on our most important financial decisions.



I met Stan within the last year as I was brought on to serve as the outsourced risk manager for a mutual client. From the time I met Stan, he has always had the best interest of his clients in mind. Stan's hard work and his dedication to his clients, helps to put them in the best financial situation for their organization to be successful in the future. I would recommend Stan to any of my clients.

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