While every company today is unique and has their own specific challenges, they also face similar issues and share the same objective—to be profitable and sustainable while creating value.

Business CFO for Hire will help you reach your business goals. However, unlike hiring a full-time CFO, you get the benefit of financial management expertise and guidance at a lower cost and therefore without the need for a long-term commitment.

With more than 30 years of experience, we bring value in all CFO areas. Because we understand that every business is different, we tailor our services to your needs.

The three key facets to success are Profitablilty, Risk Mitigation, and Sustainability. 

We Meet All Your Financial Management Needs

CFO for Hire works with CFOs, finance groups and all stakeholders to develop and implement practical and sound advice on both complex and industry specific accounting, financial and regulatory challenges.

All organizations, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and finance teams occasionally face difficult financial reporting and accounting issues and the current economic climate is increasing the challenges faced by business. It can often take organizations considerable time and resources to sort through these issues.

CFO for Hire’s team can help peel away the uncertainty which surrounds the application of accounting standards and reporting practices and allow for better and relevant commercial outcomes.

How Business CFO for Hire we can help you!

Whether it is providing tools, improved processes, outsourced capacity or technical expertise, Business CFO for Hire’s team works with its clients to develop and implement practical and sound advice in a full range of complex accounting, financial and regulatory challenges.

Business CFO for Hire will provide Independent Assurance over financial and non-financial information in addition to advisory services as outlined below.

  • Advising on the impact of merger and acquisition transactions
  • Audit readiness
  • Control assessments, remediation, and frameworks
  • Developing and executing exit or succession plans
  • Development and implementation of digital reporting tools.
  • Finance function, set-up and process effectiveness
  • Financial management and decision analysis
  • Finding the right capital structures, including raising investment capital and debt financing
  • Identifying growth strategies
  • Implementation of new accounting standards and real-time accounting support
  • Making key introductions for strategic alliances
  • Regulatory accounting and reporting in addition to better business reporting
  • Reporting, Governance & Operations – We work with finance teams to develop more effective financial and regulatory reporting systems including:
  • Resource support
  • Structuring transactions to achieve commercial and accounting objectives
  • Support for accounting policy and standard changes
  • For Any further questions drop us a line or give us a call today.

    More Reasons to work with Business CFO for Hire

    Trust - No haggling or surprises on our billing

    No contract – We work on a handshake basis with our clients

    Ceiling on Fees – A weekly ceiling on our fees that will fit within your budget | No fee surprises

    Independent contractor – We work on a Form 1099 basis: no employment benefit costs

    Key contacts – We typically know the top bankers, lenders, and other such professionals in the community