Mergers & Acquisitions


Beginning a buy-side M&A process can be overwhelming to a company and management team. As an owner, you have limited time and resources, and you want to make sure that you spend them effectively to build value and reach you growth goals. The team of CFO for Hire creates a structured process around your search, advising you step by step through every stage of the transaction.


Research into key areas, conducting a “deep dive” into the population of potential strategic partners
Gather competitive intelligence and metrics on potential target companies.
Conduct outreach to companies to find out more information and determine if they are viable acquisition targets. Meet with owners of target companies to assess the quantitative and qualitative factors of each organization. Conduct preliminary business diligence by reviewing historical financials, shareholder structure, client concentration, and corporate culture.


Manage the complete buy-side transaction process from initial offer, to closing
Structure the transaction based on terms and conditions acceptable to senior management
Draft, negotiate and ultimately deliver a Letter of Intent (LOI) for execution by senior management
Provide working capital analysis. Review, evaluate and comment on all legal contracts and schedules


Whether or not to sell your business is a complicated decision. The team at CFO for Hire has been involved in the selling-side of transactions and can help navigate you through the M&A process maximizing the value of your company. The team at CFO for Hire will work hand in hand with you through every stage of the process, including:
• Reviewing the company’s financial condition and operations, competitive environment, and prospects
• Researching and identifying potential buyers for the company
• Preparing a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) on the company for distribution
• Soliciting, coordinating, and evaluating indications of interest and proposals regarding a transaction
• Making recommendations on the structure and value of a transaction
• Working with legal to negotiate contracts and schedules
• Advising on the preparation, organization, and delivery of any financial and legal due diligence materials
Manage the transaction process to make sure that all parties are moving towards an expeditious closing

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