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Our primary objective is your success; your success is our success. We recognize that every business is unique and as such we mold our approach to align to your objectives, desires, and priorities with a seamless integration.

Basic Rules of Engagement
  • Only a scope of work for the client to sign
  • No Contract
  • No commitment required; Pay as you go.
  • Gentleman’s agreement; Pay for the services provided.

The 6 A’s of Our CFO Services


One of the key elements in our process is ascertaining all necessary information before embarking on any project. This includes understanding our client’s needs and expectations, as well as conducting thorough research to gather all relevant data. By doing so, we can have a solid foundation on which to base our decisions and actions


Once we have gathered all the necessary information, it is time to create a plan that will guide us in achieving the desired results. Our team carefully analyzes the data and collaborates with each other to come up with a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of the project. This step is crucial in ensuring that we have a clear direction and goal for our work. From this we do a GAP Analysis to share and reflect the next steps we mutually agree on.


With a well-thought-out plan in place, it is time to put it into action. Our team works diligently on every aspect of the project, utilizing their skills and expertise to deliver high-quality work. We also make sure to keep our clients updated throughout the execution process, ensuring transparency and collaboration. We determine a clear objectives of needs to be accomplished. 


Measurement is a vital part of our process, serving as the gauge by which we assess our performance and progress. We utilize our predefined GAP Analysis as the base tool to track the project’s progress, measuring it against the predetermined goals and milestones set out in the Action phase. 

This is the final stage of our process per se. This encompasses the completion of the “project” objectives, the fulfillment of our client’s objectives, and the attainment of our goals. This stage is marked by a comprehensive review which leads into the Assessment phase.


Following the Accomplishment review, we move into the assessment phase where we take a deep dive into whether our strategies and execution methods were effective and efficient. We assess each tangible result in detail, including the steps taken, the methodologies used, the challenges encountered and how they were overcome. This rigorous assessment helps us to refine our process, identify key learnings, and apply these insights to future projects within your organisation. It is through this commitment to constant self-evaluation and growth that we continue to enhance our quality of service and exceed our client expectations. and evaluation of the work done, celebrating successes and learning from any challenges encountered. Our clients’ satisfaction is our ultimate accomplishment, and it drives us to constantly improve and excel in all our projects


Celebrating our successes, we take a moment to identify additional opportunities for improvement. This regeneration process addresses identified pain points and propels us to meet additional tasks. Our commitment to constant self-evaluation and growth allows us to exceed client expectations, delivering exceptional quality of service.

Meet Stan Alhadeff

Stan Alhadeff has 30+ years of both international financial and operational management experience in diverse industries. Stan’s CFO exposure includes businesses ranging from closely held start-ups to public companies with revenues in excess of $1B.

Stan’s progressive experience demonstrates a bold analytical, flexible, and creative problem solver mindset, with a demonstrated record of accomplishment of driving business development and knowledgeable financial solvency initiatives, process improvement strategies and efficiency enhancements in multiple industries.

Stan’s Background

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