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Our primary objective is your success; your success is our success. We recognize that every business is unique and as such we mold our approach to align to your objectives, desires, and priorities with a seamless integration. We become part of your executive team. We wish to be your trusted advisor and long-term CFO partner. 


About Stan

Stan Alhadeff has 30+ years of both international financial and operational management experience in diverse industries. Stan’s CFO exposure includes businesses ranging from closely held start-ups to public companies with revenues in excess of $1B.

Stan’s progressive experience demonstrates a bold analytical, flexible, and creative problem solver mindset, with a demonstrated record of accomplishment of driving business development and knowledgeable financial solvency initiatives, process improvement strategies and efficiency enhancements in multiple industries.


86281d92-10c6-4af1-9cda-4a8255f9c60bROn Douglass

Stan has been instrumental in helping 5th Method achieve financially stable and steady profitable growth over the last 8 years. An indispensable member of our team who we trust to both running our day-to-day financial operations, as well as advise us on our most important financial decisions.


347bef2e-b110-408a-b674-981d3461d584Allen Lumpkin

I met Stan within the last year as I was brought on to serve as the outsourced risk manager for a mutual client. From the time I met Stan, he has always had the best interest of his clients in mind. Stan's hard work and his dedication to his clients, helps to put them in the best financial situation for their organization to be successful in the future. I would recommend Stan to any of my clients.


ed7e6ac7-a409-4665-a74d-2a298669d63dNathan Johns

Stan has proved to be a resource both my clients and I can count on. We have worked together on various clients, and Stan, brings a much needed discipline to the financials of a company. His extensive knowledge base is truly impressive and fills much needed gaps in small to medium size companies. From the routine to complex challenges companies face, Stan performs his services with a vested interest in the client's long term success.


ac5c0eea-96f4-46ec-8e9c-84c6f61c08baJustin Trentadue

I just wanted to write a brief recommendation for Stan Alhadeff. Stan started doing CFO work for my company several years ago. His work has always been outstanding and his value is far greater than what it costs you. He adds value to my company, and quite frankly, my company would not be where it is today if it were not for the many hours he has devoted to looking out for our best interest. I consider Stan as more of a friend now and I rely on him for advice outside of our business relationship. I would recommend that any business, small, medium or large, retain his services. You will not regret it.


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