2nd Tier Banking Finance- “Un-Bankable” Client requires Equipment Funding

OVERVIEW: A family-owned manufacturing company with 50 + employees, was in need of new manufacturing equipment. Neither their bank nor competitor banks, would consider financing the company capital projects. The equipment was a need, not a want.

OBJECTIVE:  A profitable successful manufacturing client, wished to acquire new equipment, to the tune of $2,5Million plus additional soft costs expenses for installation. Total project $3 Million.

FINDINGS: The client faced a few challenges (i) banks did not look favorably towards the clients industry; (ii) the vendor wanted 50% down before they would commence manufacturing the custom piece of equipment; (iii) the piece of equipment would take three months to complete, plus another two months to deliver, with a three month installation and full production cycle. 

SOLUTION: Through intensive research, industry contacts, an equipment financier, was located, that was willing to work with the client, to not only meet the clients needs but also the vendor. Both parties today, have a solid business relationship and enjoy a fiscally mutually win-win relationship.