Working Capital

OBJECTIVE: To secure additional working capital to fund the rapid growth, without compromising owners equity.

SITUATION: The client was fairly new in business, and picked up some for big contracts, that spanned over a year for completion. 

FINDINGS: With a lack of strong financial history, traditional banks would not entertain any funding. Factoring was not a solution, as the client did not wish to disclose or show any fiscal challenges to their client base.

SOLUTION: Through an Asset Based Lender, a line of credit was secured, to meet all the clients fiscal needs. Although interest rates are higher, a strategy was executed successfully, where the client understood the need, and the cost. Within two years the company is self-funded. They have grown with numerous Big Fortune 1000 clients and no one was aware of the cash flow challenges they faced. Today, they are cash independent, and self-funding all growth.